Intergenerational Equality for Clean Air

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Intergenerational Equality for Clean Air

Our Vision

Our Vision

We aim to promote intergeneration equity and sustainability

Capitalising on our expertise on air quality control and on healthcare management with a particular focus on respiratory care and child development, we aim to: 

  • help reverse the progressive air quality problem, initially locally, then regionally and ultimately globally; 
  • provide a clean, safe and comfortable environment fit for living and working; 
  • promote greater understanding on the dangers of air pollution  

This in turn would allow us to help:


  • protect our loved ones, particularly our children, the fragile and the elderlies, from harmful effects of air pollution.  
  • reduce healthcare costs and the associated impact to the society; 
  • create a more sustainable future with less working days/school days absent and increase work productivity.     

Our ultimate vision is to be able to contribute towards closing the widening equity gap between intergeneration and the promotion of sustainable development.    

Our Mission


We strive to improve quality in the full circle of life

Air pollutants, although minute in size, has a significant negative impact on the overall wellbeing of human beings and the environment that we live in. Air pollution increases the frequency of ill health and severity of the diseases, from the time of our conception to our ultimate passing. Yet, there are ways we can minimize and control the impact air pollutants can bring. We therefore strive to improve quality of life in every single stage of a life cycle. We embarked on these roads to achieve our mission, including:   

  • close monitoring of air quality parameters of PM, TVOC and Formaldehyde; 
  • detail analysis of the pollutant characteristics, such as physical size, concentration, chemical constituent;  
  • close collaboration with the [reputable] health care and IAQ experts on the quality of life; 
  • research and development of personal monitoring devices and air purification devices; 
  • simulation and forecasting using the environmental air quality data collected; and conducting healthcare management  

Our Core Value


We protect the environment we live in

Without putting a stop to the worsening volume of air pollutants, the very survival of all life forms is threatened. Even if they can survive, condition will be most harsh. Protection of our living environment becomes critical and should not be delayed any further.   


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