Intergenerational Equality for Clean Air

Why need for a Professional Air Purifier


Can an air purifier achieve clean air purpose?


  Yes, most of them equipped with HEPA filter and Activated Carbon filter can achieve air purification purpose. Doctor or professional also recommended to use an air purifier to clean the air. When select an air purifier, one must base on the standard ranking to rate the performance of it. A common standard now being employed to rank an air purifier is based on the rating of clean air delivery rate (CADR). The higher value of the CADR, the better performance of an air purifier.       

How Perfect Particulate Purification Air Purifier help?


  PPP gives top performance to remove Particulate Matter, PM10, PM2.5, TVOC, Formaldehyde, Toluene, Ammonia, Airborne Bacteria, Fungi & Mould, Virus and Allergen 

THE PPP AIr purification technology

The AIRA Technology


Airflow . Interlace . Rectification . Adaptation

While appreciating different filters which specifically designed for removing particular types of pollutants, the AIRA technology, with the application of nano science and technology, enables the airflow between each interlace purification system to be optimized by rectification and adaptation, so that a powerful purification efficiency is achieved.

The PMmagnet Technology


Our filter materials had went through a special designed and formulated nano-process during it manufacturing, the filter materials therefore have a high affinity toward very fine and tiny particulate matter. Instead of employing the “sieving” mechanism to arrest the particulates matters, the particulates matters are being attracted to bind onto the surface of filter materials. 

The+HEPA Technology



The double layers HEPA are designed to oriented in perpendicular direction, so to enhance the arrested of the particulates matters flow from different direction 

The Perfect Particulates Purification - PPP Air Purifier


For general home, master room, bed room, reading room, baby room

Quiet, Effective, Automatic, Easy to Use

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For commercial office, big or open kitchen household, classroom, clinic, elderly home.

Effective for large area, quiet, quick response

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For Shopping mall

Renovation site, 

Dusty & heavy polluted area

Instant cleaning, heavy duty, highly effective

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